EcoRanah Toilets:
The Portable Toilets in Bali

It's time you forget the old school flush toilets with their stinky odour. The portable toilets of the future are here. Ecoranah is here.

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What are the advantages of composting portable toilets?

Composting portable toilets, also called dry toilets, have many unnoticed advantages. Let us dive deeper into the new-age technology that will change the way you look at restrooms!

Green and sustainable portable toilet
Eco-toilets are like gold to the environment. Unlike the normal toilets that account for about 35% of your overall household water usage, portable toilets use only one-sixth of what a normal one does. The waste generated is used to make organic manure, cutting down on the chemical overfeeding to the world.

Saving money
Foremost, eco toilets are the cheapest portable toilets. The price comparison between a fibreglass portable toilet and a dry toilet is tremendous! Plus, look at all the water you'll be saving. Less water usage means reduced water bills. Not to forget all the joy you'll have when you realise how much water you are saving up.

The dry toilets are better sanitized and cleaner. They are safer and extremely user-friendly. You don't have to worry about fixing the plumbing every now and then, and you can say goodbye to sewage and management. (They're also way cleaner, no more scrubbing!)

Unlike your standard toilets, dry toilets are always either odour free, or odour neutral. They decompose your waste naturally without the use of extra agents, neutralise the ammonia, and result in absolutely no stink after you use them. There is a separating exhaust system that treats your wastes and leaves out manure, safe and clean.

Any waste put into dry toilets is composted with 100% natural processes. There is zero use of chemical substances and environmentally harmful agents, which means you can be safe and sound at all times. This is yet another step towards sustainable living.



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Here are some specs about their functioning:
Let's say you are using the compost toilet.

This is when you deposit your manure or pee. Under the toilet seat, a composting tank has been previously prepared with a special "composting bed" (made of nutrients, like carbon) that ease the composting process and neutralizes the odors.

When you are done, close the toilet lid - a crucial step to keep the heat in and the flies out! And by the way, the provided toilet paper is made of recycled tetra pack, so no worries about throwing it inside the toilets!

The whole composting process is absolutely safe.

There are two ways of getting rid of harmful organisms: some human pathogens don't survive long outside the human body, so we rely on the time factor to ensure that they perish by keeping the pile of human waste inside the composting tanks for a minimum of six months.
Other organisms only go away with very high temperatures, which are very common in the Idanha-a-Nova region! For these organisms, we keep the human waste pile at 50ÂșC for 3 days. With time, along with high temperatures, most of pathogens in human waste eventually die.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mike:
    Do you offer portable toilet services for festivals in Bali?
    Definitely! Our portable toilet rental services are available all around the calendar. We value our customers and their needs beyond anything, and when it comes to special events and festivals, don't worry about having restrooms. Ecoranah got your back.

  • Mike:
    Where can I find a portable toilet supplier?
    When talking about portable toilet suppliers, well, welcome to Ecoranah! We are located at Kerobokan in Bali. Delivering portable toilets on the go, ring us up or write to us to place an order and watch your portable toilet be delivered in seconds. We deliver throughout Bali, and to other islands as well. Bid goodbye to the traditional, harmful toilets.
  • Mike:
    Which are the best portable toilets for rental?
    When choosing your portable toilet to take on rent, you should prioritise comfort while ensuring that the toilets don't cut a hole in your pocket. An Ecoranah toilet is the best choice for events and festivals. It doesn't need flushing, which means that it is tremendously easy to set up, does not use all your resources in times of need, and you won't have to tolerate any more toilet odour (the sawdust takes care of that!)
  • Mike:
    How much does it cost to hire a portable toilet for rent?
    As we talk about hiring a portable toilet, we keep this unmentioned thing in mind: the price. The ecoranah toilets save you from that trouble. Ranging from 1,7M IDR to 3M IDR, the price will vary depending on the choice you make. Here are a few factors that decide how much your portable toilet costs you:

    • Location: Your delivery location and its distance from our warehouse decide the delivery cost that gets added to the net price.
    • Duration: The price of the toilet definitely depends on how long you want to rent it.
  • Katie:
    Can I hire your portable toilet services for construction?
    As we insist, we value our customers' needs irrespective of place and time. And when it comes to construction sites, we know how difficult all waste management system gets. To ease the burden, yes! You can hire Ecoranah portable toilets for construction sites and at times of renovation. This ensures that even at tough times, you can rest assured and be safe no matter what.

  • James:
    Is there an alternative to fibreglass portable toilets?
    Definitely! Fibreglass portable toilets are difficult to carry and set up and often get messy to take care of. The alternative, dry portable toilets like Ecoranah are way better than the old-school fibreglass portable toilets. These do not use up scarce water, do not smell, are way better for the environment, and are ten times more hygienic than any other portable loo.
Any questions?